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Working Together Works!

Developing a strategic partnership, Power Shift and Vermont Web Marketing decided to use each other’s strengths in order to strengthen themselves. The result makes sense for them, their existing clients, and new clients looking for a full-service experience.

On October 1, 2016, longtime Vermont Internet services provider, Power Shift happily handed its web development department over to Vermont Web Marketing — a much younger local consulting firm.
When Joe Allen brought Power Shift to Stowe, Vermont in 1995, it quickly became the area’s leading ISP. Ryan Meravi, who founded Vermont Web Marketing in 2015, worked for Power Shift from 2005 to 2012 — creating, growing, and managing its web development department. The same department he will now own.
Although Meravi eventually left Power Shift, he maintained relationships with the development team, and with Allen. His first-hand knowledge of Power Shift’s history, internal functions, future business goals and current challenges, led to this discussion: How could Vermont Web Marketing help Power Shift re-focus, and how could Power Shift help Vermont Web Marketing grow?
That conversation turned into a collaboration that gave Vermont Web Marketing the client base, work orders, and staff it needed to become more of a full-service agency, and gave Power Shift the freedom to focus on other aspects of its business.

For clients, the benefits are big:

  • Faster turnaround time on projects
  • More individualized consultation
  • Frequent communication
  • Access to a full menu of web services, including:
  • Web design & development
  • Optimized content creation
  • Website & SEO audits
  • Local business optimization
  • SEM management
  • Social Media marketing
  • Internet advertising

While both companies revel in reaching their own goals, the real reward is in helping their customers achieve success.

“As a 20+ year old company offering many legacy services, we have not been able to devote the needed resources to web development. Our web development clients needed more attention,” says Allen, “Vermont Web Marketing can give them that attention, and Power Shift can focus on other aspects of our company – primarily on our popular web hosting and boutique email services.”

“Together, we will be able to serve everyone better,” says Meravi, “this is exactly the growth I envisioned for Vermont Web Marketing. We are excited about the future, and what we can offer to help small businesses maximize their online visibility.”

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