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Little River Hotglass

Little River Hotglass is a thriving business in the Stowe area. They handcrafted beautiful, one of a kind glass pieces. While they had great sales they were interested in growing their business online. Little River Hotglass already had an e-commerce store... so why wasn't it working? This is where Power Shift was able to step in and help.

Little River had an e-commerce store, but it was clunky to navigate, didn't work on mobile devices, and it was visually unappealing. It also had an overwhelming amount of products. Little River worked with several designers before they came to Power Shift. The other designers presented modern designs, but weren't solving the navigation problem. Through several meetings with Power Shift we were able to make changes to how customers navigated the store.

Going Mobile

One of the first recommendations Power Shift made was to design a website that worked on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Today's consumers are shopping extensively on their smart phones. Amazon announced that 60% of their holiday sales came from mobile shoppers. With mobile shopping on the rise, it makes sense to cater your webstore to mobile and desktop viewers alike.

Changing the Store Navigation

Little River has a diverse line of products. They create bowls, vases, ornaments, tableware, perfume bottles, sculptures and paperweights, they also offered each of these products in a myriad of different styles and an infinite number of colors. Customers loved all the choices, but it was exhausting to browse through the online store and choose one or two pieces.

Power Shift offered some solutions to guide the customer from the homepage to the correct product by only presenting a few choices at a time. Users on the site would first choose the type of product, then they can choose the style, then finally the color. Be reducing the amount of choices customers had to make at once, it removed the chance for information overload.

The Results

Little River's new website went live before the holiday shopping season and we were pleased to hear they had one of their best seasons. Their sales were up! Their customers were happy! 

"Our experience with Powershift to produce a website from start to finish was a true pleasure. Their knowledge, creativity and accessibility made the project seamless. We are delighted with the result." Monique LaJeunesse of Little River Hotglass

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